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Syngonium red spot tricolor plant


Syngonium red spot tricolor plant

In nature, the Syngonium Red Spot Tricolor grows mainly on the soil of tropical rainforests. For this reason, the plant prefers a place in your home with normal daylight and high humidity. The leaves of this Syngonium are colourful and varied. A true work of art!

This unique and rare Syngonium Red SpotTricolor is a feast for the eyes. With its various colours on the leaves, this plant is a true work of art in your home.

U.S. shipping too on buyer”s responsibility.
We cannot ship to Canada, Australia and similar bio quarantine countries.

Tricolor variegation is very popular and rare possibility in plant kingdom. Especially when it is highly pink colorful. This rare and beautiful syngonium is already super rooted.

It only needs good bright position towards the window with undirect sunlight. Sun could burn the variegation. Lack of light could also damage the variegation.

This one has extremely cool stable amount of pink colors with foliage colored into white and green spectre. It loves climbing pole that allows you to grow huge triphyllum-leaves.

These pictures show the exact plant you will get. The plant is S sized with extremely nice random splashes. It has undamaged super leaves with growth point.

We also ship to U.S. states and overseas from EU on buyers own responsibility. Remember that you will get the plant that you see in pictures.

Syngonium red spot tricolor water requirements

The Syngonium Red Spot Tricolor needs moderate amounts of water. Always try to keep the soil slightly moist, but be careful with too much water. Too much water can cause root rot and is difficult to save.

We recommend feeling the soil with two fingers to determine whether it is time for a new watering. If the soil is already very dry after two days, you can water the plant again. If the soil is still very wet after a few days, we recommend waiting a while.

Light requirements for the Syngonium Red Spot Tricolor

Place the Syngonium Red Spot Tricolor in a light spot, but try to avoid direct sunlight.
The plant does not appreciate direct sunlight. The beautiful leaves may burn and die, and the production of new leaves is not stimulated. So be careful not to place the Syngonium in front of a sunny window.

If the Syngonium Red Spot Tricolor is too dark, the plant will indeed grow towards the light. The stems will become long, stand in one direction and produce few leaves. In this case, place the plant slightly lighter, but still avoid the sunlight.

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