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Monstera AUREA Variegated Borsigiana Live Plant Fully Rooted


Monstera AUREA: The Variegated Borsigiana Live Plant

A Monstera Aurea (Monstera deliciosa), commonly called a leaf of the vine or split-leaf philodendron, is an indoor plant native to tropical forests in Mexico and Central America. It belongs to the monstera family, which includes around 40 other plants such as the paw paw tree, ginseng and heartleaf philodendron. The plant gets its name from its thick, irregularly shaped leaves that resemble the face of a monster when they unfold.

monstera aurea cutting

I know that many plants in our homes have been passed down through families, some for decades. But nothing takes you back to a memory quite like cutting a leaf from an heirloom plant. Especially when it’s one like monstera aurea.

What is monstera aurea?

You can keep monstera aureas’ vase-bound, although it’s easiest to grow them in a pot. Keep their soil moist and feed them with slow-release fertilizer every two weeks during spring and summer. Spray them with water once or twice daily, but avoid getting water on their leaves. Be careful when you move a monstera because of its brittle stem; if you pick it up by its stem, wrap your hand in a cloth first. If you live in an area that gets below-freezing temperatures at night, store your monsteras inside over winter to protect them from frost damage; keep their soil evenly moist until they begin growing again in spring.

Monstera aurea is a species of flowering plants belonging to Araceae family. Monsteras are slow-growing, evergreen, climbing vines with glossy, heart-shaped leaves 12–30 cm long and 8–12 cm broad. They can reach a length of up to 15 m (50 ft). The flowers are produced in spring and summer on an inflorescence of 2-6 orders, each order containing one to three stalked flowers. When they die they fall and reveal bright orange fruits that last all winter. They’re only available as houseplants or container plants since they won’t survive outdoors year round in areas with mild winters.

care tips for monstera aurea

Monsteras are known for their impressive foliage and decorative appeal, but they’re also among some of the most difficult plants to grow. When it comes to monsteras, patience is key; even mature plants often need months before they’re able to bloom. One great way to speed up blooming time is by taking a leaf cutting of your monstera aurea, which can easily be grown into a new plant. However, there are several things you need to know about how to propagate a monster before you get started. It may sound complicated at first, but don’t worry; we have everything you need in order to get started!

The Variegated Borsigiana Plant Monstera AUREA

The Monstera AUREA, also known as the variegated Borsigiana plant, is an excellent addition to any home or office environment. The leaves of this vine plant are adorned with yellow and white stripes, giving it an exotic and elegant appearance that will not go unnoticed. Although the Monstera AUREA prefers to be planted in soil outside, it can also be grown indoors in a pot as long as you make sure that it receives plenty of light each day. Check out this quick guide on how to care for your Monstera AUREA!

Why is Monstera Albo Variegata so expensive?

To be clear, Monstera Albo Variegata (commonly known as the variegated borsigiana plant) is not new. It is also not rare. What’s really driving up prices on plants like Monstera Albo Variegata (otherwise known as monsteras) is simple economics. Supply and demand. Since it was first introduced in 1975, it has become more readily available and more common place in homes and offices—the key word here being more because Monsteras haven’t actually increased in population numbers at all; people have simply fallen in love with their unique look and have decided to add them to their home or office décor schemes more frequently than before. This means that there are a lot of buyers out there looking for these types of plants but there aren’t many sellers willing to part with them. This drives up prices which can make buying one seem like an impossible task for those who don’t have a few hundred dollars lying around just waiting to be spent on an indoor plant that will most likely die within six months. But fear not! There are ways you can get your hands on one without breaking your bank account.

Is Monstera Aurea variegation stable?

Monsteras are among my favorite plants because they’re so tough and easy to grow. I’ve written about Monsteras before, specifically about how to propagate them and which varieties are best for beginners. In that post, I shared tips on how to keep Monsteras alive—because many gardeners struggle with these awesomely low-maintenance plants (yes, it’s an herbaceous perennial that technically lives indoors). But one thing I didn’t discuss is whether or not variegation is stable in Monsteras. That is, if you find a variegated variety at your local garden center and buy it, can you be sure that any new leaves will remain variegated? Are all new leaves variegated or only older ones?

What is the difference between Albo and Aurea?

If you’re looking to buy a Monstera Aurea and not sure whether you want albo or aureo varieties, here are some key things to look for when trying to determine if you’re looking at an albo variety. On a leaf of an albo plant, there will be two or three white markings on each side of a vein; on an aureo variety, there will be three or four variegations running down each side of that vein. The placement is similar from leaf to leaf, but on smaller leaves it can sometimes be difficult to spot.

Where to Place Your New Monstera

When you’re looking for where to place your new Monstera aurea, start by considering how much light it will get during different parts of day. If you want more greenery on one side of your plant than another, consider that when placing it—leaving more light on one side might result in more foliage there and less on another. For example, if you’re placing a low-light plant against a window, place it closer to the window so more light falls on one side; as needed, shift that side as well so as not to neglect any spots. Likewise, if you want more foliage in shadier areas of your home or office, consider giving those leaves extra attention.

How to Keep Your Monstera aurea Alive Longer

To keep your Monstera aurea alive longer, you have to feed it on a regular basis. We recommend you feed your plant approximately once every two weeks. You can use an organic fertilizer of your choice (however some fertilizers may kill your plant). Make sure that you follow all instructions when using chemical-based fertilizer as they are harmful if not used properly. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to feed your monster! Using Ice Cubes: To give your Monstera aureans food, simply fill up an ice cube tray with water and then add in what ever nutrients you choose. Once these cubes have frozen remove them from tray and place directly into soil around root base of plant or into already formed holes from other feeding options.

What is the difference between Albo and Aurea?

There are two subspecies of Monsteras. One is aureus and it has bright yellow leaves with dark green veins (hence its Latin name). The other subspecies is called albo-marginata and has white leaf margins. These also have dark green veins, so they look like they have a border of white paint around their edge. When you purchase a Monstera or another type of bromeliad, it will tell you whether it is Albo or Aureaicus, but many don’t tell you if it is variegated or not. If you’re in doubt about a particular species, it’s always better to contact the seller before buying your plant!

Care Tips of Monstera AUREA Variegated Borsigiana

Monsteras love to grow in containers and outdoors on patios, verandas, or even in protected areas of your garden. To create a tropical oasis right in your home, place your Monstera plant in a large container that drains well. Position it near an east-facing window with bright indirect light and tuck plants around it for a jungle effect. Maintain moist soil (but not waterlogged) and fertilize when necessary with slow-release houseplant fertilizer.

This plant grows and blooms easily in a living room.

This plant has a great growing habit and should be able to grow in your home with proper care. Just keep it away from areas where pets may try to eat it, as ingesting some parts of it can make them sick. To grow successfully, keep indoors in indirect sunlight for about 8 hours a day. This will ensure optimal growth and bloom for your new Monstera Aurea!

What Kind of Light Does it Need?

Place your Monstera AUREA in an area with bright, indirect light. This particular plant likes to soak up sunlight through its thick leaves and can handle a little neglect. Its specific requirements depend on where you live, but don’t worry about getting it completely right—this plant is hardy enough to tolerate more indirect light than you might think! If you’ve under-watered or over-watered your Monster foundling, don’t despair! While most plants require special treatment when grown indoors, B. Aureas are known for their forgiving nature. After accidentally dropping my first baby (we’ll call him Siegfried), I set him down in front of a west-facing window while I did some online research about watering indoor tropicals.

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