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HALF-MOON Albo Monstera Plant- Highly Variegated & Fully Rooted

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This listing is for a full plant!! This medium size TRUE half-moon Albo Monstera is highly variegated, and has 2 leaves & 1 incoming leaf. The half moon coloring is stunning and SUPER RARE!

I offer shipping within the US by FedEx 2nd day air & ship this plant bare root in sphagnum moss.
I will send photos of the plant & it’s packaging before shipping. I love chatting with potential customers, so please message me with any questions!

All of my Half Moon albo Monstera plants are grown in a semi-hydroponic medium (lecca), and will ship out with a free fertilizer to ensure your new plant baby does as well as possible in it’s new home!


Introducing the Half Moon Albo Monstera Plant – A Rare and Exotic Addition to Your Home

If you’re looking to add something new and exotic to your home décor, look no further than the Half Moon Albo Monstera plant. The unusual-looking plant has been around since the 1850s, and while it’s considered rare, its beautiful appearance has made it an increasingly popular houseplant. If you want to learn more about Half Moon Albo Monstera plants, keep reading and learn everything you need to know about these unusual indoor plants!

The Worry-Free, Extremely Low Maintenance Houseplant

The best part of owning a monster, or any other type of houseplant, is how carefree they are. Plants need very little attention when compared to all their benefits. They help purify your air, they’re aesthetically pleasing, they make you happy—and that’s just scratching the surface.

That’s why we’re so excited about our new addition: The Half Moon Albo Monstera! This rare tropical houseplant only needs indirect sunlight (meaning it doesn’t require a lot of special treatment), it requires no pruning or training whatsoever, and it grows very slowly. We think it makes for a perfect addition to offices, homes, apartments and more!

Take it from me – this plant is gorgeous and easy to care for

The half moon albo monstera plant is just what you need in your home. We bring you a rare, exotic new plant that’s easy on its own with minimal care. The albo monsteras flourish well in low light, so they are ideal for offices or anywhere with few windows; their leaves may appear pale but will become green once placed in adequate sunlight. The half moon albo monsteras come in two sizes: small and large; we recommend the large for homes over 500 square feet because they tend to grow bigger than smaller varieties of these plants. These plants enjoy a humid environment, like bathrooms or near kitchens where there is water vapor buildup; they also benefit from using fertilizers often but only when asked as needed by professionals at local gardening stores near you.

Growing conditions

Half moon albo monsteras are easy to grow as houseplants, but they do prefer bright light (but not direct sunlight). Make sure they get plenty of indirect sunlight throughout the day, with a couple hours in full sun. They like well-drained soil and they enjoy constant water while in bloom; make sure their soil is always moist but never soggy. You’ll want them placed in a pot that has drainage holes at its base or on an elevated platform so that excess water can drip out.

Mist every few days for optimal growth! Half moon albo monsteras require very little fertilizer: one application per month should be sufficient. However, if you notice your plant getting leggy and stretched out over time, it might need more food than you’re giving it.

Give it a little boost then—but remember to follow instructions carefully when using fertilizer so you don’t accidentally burn your plant! Half moon albo monsteras will thrive in temperatures between 65°F and 80°F (18°C – 27°C) year round. It’s best to keep them away from cold drafts during winter months by placing them near heat sources such as radiators or furnaces.

Features of the Half Moon Albo Monstera

The Half Moon Albo Monstera is an exotic, rare plant that can be expensive if not cared for properly. We do not recommend purchasing this plant if you are new to taking care of houseplants or generally have trouble keeping plants alive. The leaves are very delicate and need regular misting with warm water, ideally every day.

When you get your Half Moon Albo Monstera home it will likely look shriveled and tired out; mist it regularly until its appearance improves drastically. In some cases, plants may lose their leaves in transit or upon arrival at your home; do not worry! This happens as part of their natural growth cycle, especially during hot weather or when they are left inside too long without sufficient water.

Care tips

Half moon albo monsteras like strong light, so a south-facing window is perfect. The plant also requires moist soil with regular watering, so don’t forget to check your soil level from time to time and give it a drink when needed. The half moon albo monsteras also do well with humidity in your home, so you can keep a container filled with pebbles over it at all times or set up a humidifier nearby. Lastly, be sure not to overwater or underfeed your plant—too much or too little water will cause leaves to fall off. If you have any problems or need more information about taking care of your half moon albo monsteras contact us.

Tips on where to put Half Moon albo Monstera it in your home

The half moon albo monstera plant is a rare and exotic addition to any home; care for it as you would any tropical plant, by placing it in full sunlight near a window that’s open regularly. Temperatures shouldn’t fall below 50 degrees at night or rise above 90 during daylight hours. The soil should be kept moist but not soggy, either.
Given its sensitive nature, check with your local nursery or garden center before bringing one home. If you want something truly unique, visit your local nursery today! You can always ask questions about other plants that are new to you—even if you don’t buy them today! Often times stores will put samples of plants out front so they can entice people like yourself into stopping in.
This is a great way to get some hands-on experience without buying anything! In fact, I used to volunteer at my local garden store just so I could learn more about plants. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions, and no matter what kind of business you start up (whether online or brick-and-mortar), people will seek information from you too. When that happens, make sure you have answers ready!
The half moon albo monstera plant can add style and interest anywhere it’s placed—it has many decorative uses in an office setting too

How do you grow a half-moon in Monstera?

The half-moon albo monstera is a rewarding houseplant, one that will add style to your space while providing you with a healthy dose of oxygen. This succulent requires plenty of sunlight, so place it in an area where it gets plenty of natural sunlight throughout the day. It doesn’t need much water as long as you make sure that it isn’t sitting in water. If you are interested in growing one for yourself, here are some tips for keeping your plant alive for years
Water and sunlight are important for proper growth, but don’t forget about other key factors like temperature. Half moon albo monsters require warm temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 C) at night and above 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 C) during daytime hours. However, if temperatures drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 C), move your plant into a warmer location until temperatures rise again. Keep in mind that these plants aren’t winter hardy, so plan ahead if you want to keep yours outdoors all year long—most people keep them inside over winter rather than risk losing them outside when cold weather sets in.

Why Is Mini Monstera rare?

Half moon albo monsteras are a beautiful addition to your home, but they’re rare because they must be propagated via cuttings—never seeds. While you can grow one from a friend’s plant or purchase one online, having more than one is out of reach for most people. To propagate your own mini monsteras, you must use another half moon albo monstera as a host: First make sure that it’s healthy and then simply snip off a 5-inch section of its vine. Do not separate individual leaves; leave intact veins so that there is adequate blood flow.

Happy Houseplanting!


1 review for HALF-MOON Albo Monstera Plant- Highly Variegated & Fully Rooted

  1. Nelly

    Nice shipping service I ordered my plant and I was curious about taxes of it getting to Europe, so I tried giving a try and to my greatest surprise my plant arrived very safely without me paying any taxes all I had to do is make a phyto and they took care of the rest as promised.
    I highly Recommend

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