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Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated 3 Leaf Luxurious Variegata


Florida Beauty Variegated plant

Florida Beauty Variegated plant


“ORIGINAL PHOTO (Plants sent, Already Rooted and sprouted).”

Terms and conditions:

1. General Terms

1.1. By purchasing a factory overseas, the customer realizes that the factory may not be in its best condition

when it arrives due to the long transportation process and the state of the Philodendron Florida Beauty plant (with or without roots). It will take some time

several times to recover.

1.2.Assuming the best that the customer has the knowledge and experience to take care of


1.3. The customer is responsible for understanding whether the Philodendron Florida Beauty plant is prohibited or not in

countries and understand the import requirements of their countries.

1.4.Customer must enter phone number and email address for DHL/EMS info. Many failures

delivery caused by Customer Unreachable. DHL Express requires receipt of signature on


1.5. We do not accept cancellation orders after 2 days of receipt of orders.

1.6.We accept returns for dead plants, but not for dead leaves.

2. Export Process

2.1. Customers are required to ensure the delivery address a maximum of 2 days after the factory order. This address

will be the reference for all Export Documents.

2.2. We do not accept submissions of any request by claiming to be Non Plants or other illegal acts.

2.3. Please note that some countries require an Import Permit or other documents. This is a customer

obligation to provide the necessary Import Permit. As an example :

a. Customers from Canada are required to provide an Import Permit.

B. Customers from the UK are required to provide PEACH (Procedures for Electronics

Certificate Application) from the Government Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate

Great Britain.

C. Customers from the United States must provide an import permit for purchases of more than 12 plants.

Philodendron Radiatum Aurea Variegated Rare

2.4. We have to process an Export permit application from the Government of Indonesia prior to shipment. He

usually takes 10-14 working days.

3. Custom Process & Shipping

3.1. Philodendron Florida Beauty Plants are carefully sanitized then covered with plastic with sterilized damp moss. Rolled plant

on paper to provide protection for the leaves. We use styrofoam box or carton box as

secondary packaging.

3.2. We will provide the Etsy System tracking number.

3.3. Customers should understand, the delivery duration depends on your Custom Clearance process. In

delay period, the Customer must contact the DHL/EMS/local call center contact center.

3.4. We ship plants with a Phytosanitary Certificate with each shipment, which indicates that the plant has been

pass quarantine inspection and meet customer country requirements.

3.7. When the normal custom process has been passed (maximum 3 days) and the plant dies due to

Happy shopping, plant lovers

Philodendron domesticum variegated

Description of Florida Beauty Variegated plant;

The Florida Beauty Variegated plant is a stunning evergreen hybrid plant, classified in the Araceae family.

Suspected to be a cross between Philodendron pedatum and Philodendron squamiferum, it’s a trailing or climbing plant.

This plant produces eye-catching foliage and flowers. The leaves are deep green with variable variegation, which can either be splotches or cover the entire leaf.

The flowers have a cream color, contrasting nicely with the leaves.

Thinking about adding this foliage plant to your home? Then learn about caring for Philodendron Florida Beauty.

Philodendron Florida Beauty Care

Florida Beauty Variegated plant prefers bright indirect light and rich and well-draining potting soil.

Watering regularly is necessary, but just enough to keep the soil slightly moist, not waterlogged.

This plant fares best in temperatures no less than 50°F (10°C) and humidity of at least 50%.


For your Florida Beauty to maintain its beautiful variegation, ensure you’re exposing it to bright indirect light.

An east-facing window provides the best intensity of light. West- and south-facing windows may also work, but adjustments have to be made if needed.


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