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Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated (Pedatum)


Introducing the Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum – a gorgeous plant that is perfect for adding a touch of beauty to any home or office!

Here at Peters Gardens, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality plants and flowers to our customers – so it’s no surprise that we are excited to introduce the Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum!

This plant boasts beautiful green leaves that are flecked with white spots, giving it an elegant look that will fit in perfectly in any setting. No matter where you put this plant, it will be sure to make a statement! The Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum is perfect as an indoor or outdoor houseplant.

An Introduction to this Stunning Houseplant.

Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum for sale
Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum house plant
Philodendrons are a popular and versatile houseplant, with an impressive variety in size, shape, and foliage. With this many options available, it can be difficult to choose which one will suit your needs.
The beautiful, easy-to-care-for Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum can help solve your problems by providing you with endless opportunities for creativity and never outgrowing its lovable personality.
The unique variegation on this particular cultivar makes it stand out from other philodendrons and its blooms are adorable and sweet smelling.
What’s more, they’ll flower all year long without needing any special care at all. It’s no wonder why the Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum has become such a fan favorite among growers.
The key to growing a healthy and happy Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum is ensuring that they’re given plenty of natural light every day – but not too much – as too much sun can scorch their leaves and make them sickly looking.
They prefer filtered sunlight coming through windows because direct sunlight can cause them stress even though it may appear brighter. Make sure that their soil remains moist at all times, but never sopping wet or soggy; watering them once every 2 weeks should do the trick perfectly well

Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum: A rare and beautiful philodendron

The Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum is an excellent example of the wide variety of philodendrons that can be found in North America.

This particular species was originally discovered in northern Florida and has been known to grow up to five feet tall in its natural habitat. The leaves of this philodendron are typically bright green, though there are some rare examples with red and yellow variegation that have also been spotted in the wild.

The Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum, also known as the Florida Beauty Philodendron, might just be one of the most beautiful houseplants around. Its white-striped leaves are super cool to look at, even if they’re not really all that rare.

This plant can be found in lots of different places around the world, including South America and Africa, but they’re also pretty common in Florida too.

I’ve been caring for philodendrons as long as I can remember. My first philodendron was named Phil, and he graced the corner of my room with his graceful vines and large leaves.

Since then, I’ve had several different types of philodendrons in my life, but none as beautiful or rare as the Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum. Let me take you through this plant’s history, care, and growing conditions so that you can enjoy its rare beauty in your home too!

Plant name

Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum, also known as the Banana Pothos is a strong growing pothos with bright green leaves edged in yellow-white. It can be grown both inside or outside, indoors in containers or on patios or decking. The Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum thrives on neglect and doesn’t need much care except for water.

While it’s best to keep the soil moist, it will do well even if left dry for an extended period of time. The Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum is hardy down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit but may lose its variegation during the winter months. If you want your Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum back, just bring it inside where it should start turning green again after several weeks.

Native origin of Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum

Florida beauty variegated pedatum, also known as Florida panther lily or Christmas lily, is a species of flowering plant in the Araceae family. The spadix bears stalked green spathes with an almost trumpet-shaped orange floral bract enclosing white flowers.

The genus includes 20 to 25 species. Florida beauty variegated pedatum is known only from the Florida panhandle near Panama City where it grows on sand dunes, ridges, and pine flatwoods at low elevations. It can be found in two populations that are separated by several miles in the northwest corner of Bay County near Chattahoochee Bay just west of State Road 331 which links Apalachicola Bay with Pensacola Bay.

Most plants grow well outside of their native range and are used extensively in landscaping because they tolerate full sun or partial shade. They do not flower reliably inside (only about one out of four plants) but do so profusely outdoors where there is a longer growing season. When cultivated, Florida beauty variegated pedatum prefers acidic soil rich in organic matter such as leaf mold.

It has been shown to attract hummingbirds and butterflies (though not noticeably more than other plants). These traits make it attractive for use in gardens with less than favorable soils or if there are predators such as deer nearby who might browse foliage during winter months when natural food sources may be scarce for these animals.

Care tips of Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum

Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum is a perfect plant for an outdoor container, as well as in a sunny indoor location. It likes moist but well-drained soil, lots of water, and protection from cold.

It does not like extremely high temperatures, especially at night time. Be careful not to overwater this plant or the leaves will turn brown. They are susceptible to spider mites because they trap dust from drafts if you live in an arid climate such as Southern California or Texas with no air conditioning, your chances of getting a spider mite infestation increase significantly if this is your only houseplant.

You should also fertilize it regularly to keep the new growth coming along nicely. When planting, try to take care that its roots aren’t crammed in too tightly so that air can still get around them. Be sure that the pot has good drainage holes.

Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum plants grown indoors typically reach about three feet tall and two feet wide, but can grow up to five feet tall outdoors when given plenty of light and adequate space.

If it begins looking shriveled or wilted then you need to mist it with tepid water every day until green growth resumes. Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum has dark green foliage that turns purple during winter months; flowers do not form on these plants, which makes them much more attractive than other philodendrons. Premium Quality Variegated Billietiae – Extra RARE Collector Plant


The Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum is one of many stunning plants we offer. The leaves are green, edged with vibrant purple and white stripes.

We recommend keeping it in an east-facing window so it can soak up some morning light. To care for your new plant, water it when the soil becomes dry to the touch, which may happen less often during winter months than in summer months.

If there’s no dirt visible near the surface of your container, you may want to add a bit more potting mix every so often until you reach 1/2 inch below where leaves begin.

Bloomig Season for variegated padatum

The Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum is known to flower and mature between March and October. It has dark green, variegated leaves with dark red underside.

During this time, it can produce sweet-scented white flowers with purplish tips that bloom on four-inch spikes. The Florida Beauty will have different blooming periods based on their geographic location.

A plant grown in North Carolina will have a shorter flowering period than one grown in California where temperatures are cooler year round.

what makes this plant unique?

A relatively new variety, Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum, has striking yellow edges on the leaves and an unusual twisted stem. It only grows 6-10 inches tall and 8-12 inches wide, making it a perfect size for those tight spots in your house.

This particular variegation can be easily maintained by cutting off the yellow edges when they are exposed to direct sunlight. We hope you enjoy our newest addition!

The Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum is just one of many plants we offer at The Foliage Source. For more information on this beautiful plant or any other variety, visit our website today.

Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum

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. Philodendron Domesticum Variegated

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To reship buyer must pay the shipping cost.

Some plants might have some little spots or a little yellowish edge due to our hot temps or sun exposure but newer, younger leaves come out with beautiful white variegation then they turn creamer tone as they mature or get a bit darker if exposed to lots of sun or warmer temps.We do not take responsibility for yellowish or fallen leaves,please understand.

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Key features of maintaining the Philodendron Pedatum

Some plants are easy to maintain while others are more complicated. The Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum (otherwise known as Philodendron Padatum) is one of those that needs just a little more love.
1. Be sure you have enough light: Make sure your plant gets plenty of light but not direct sunlight during their resting period (10 am-4 pm). Avoid shady spots, too. Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatums do best in bright, indirect sunlight and will struggle if left in dark corners or rooms without natural light.
2. Let it dry out slightly between waterings: Do not let the soil dry out completely – be mindful to always water from underneath so there’s no standing water on top – this can cause root rot and eventually death for Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatums. You should only need to water about once every 10 days during their resting period, so allow them to dry out slightly before watering again. If they’re getting too dry at any point, provide a little extra moisture with regular misting until they perk up again.
During warmer months, you may need to water twice per week; during cooler months, once per week is adequate. Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatums also prefer high humidity levels and appreciate an occasional misting (about once a day). They’ll thrive when given these basic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Plant

We hope you enjoyed learning about our new plant, the Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum. These plants have beautiful green and white striped leaves which makes them an excellent choice for planting in your home or office. This variety is also easy to maintain, making it one of our best sellers year-round.

With proper care and periodic watering, these plants can grow up to 3 ft tall in just 1-2 years. Don’t wait any longer to bring this breathtaking plant into your life! To learn more, be sure to read our care tips section located on this page’s right side bar. There you will find pictures, height estimations and detailed information on how much sunlight and water these plants need each day.

How To Care For Your New Plant

Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum, (sometimes called Philodendron Vernoni Brownii) can be an extremely easy and rewarding houseplant. Below are some helpful tips on how to care for your new plant:
1. Make sure to water your plant about once every two weeks; if you want, use water mixed with half-strength fertilizer in place of plain water.
2. Try to make sure you don’t over-water your plants, as over-watering may cause brown spots and rot on leaves.
3. When caring for your Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum, it’s important to note that most light will do just fine for this particular type of plant. However, too much direct sunlight may damage its leaves.
4. Your plant should stay relatively pest free due to the natural pesticides found within it but sometimes problems such as mealybugs and aphids can occur so try not to let this happen by watching out for pests when checking up on your plants.
5. The easiest way to tell if you need more sun is when leaves start getting soft or withering; when this happens it’s time to put them closer towards a window where they’ll get enough light without being burnt by too much direct sunlight 6.

Is Philodendron pedatum same as Florida beauty?

No, the Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Pedatum has been known by many names over the years including Spotted Philodendron and Beach Kidneywood. It’s not uncommon for plants like this one to change their name as they grow in popularity, but it’s important to know your botanical facts before making a purchase.
Philodendrons are part of the Araceae family and come from various climates throughout South America. One particularly popular area where these lovely plants thrive is Brazil. Unlike other houseplants such as ferns, palms, and spider plants, philodendrons will thrive in just about any environment you put them in!
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