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Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Fully Rooted Plant 4 leaves


Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Fully Rooted

florida beauty philodendron. When you want to add some color and life to your home, the Florida Beauty variegated philodendron plant is one of the best plants you can choose. Not only does it add great beauty, but it’s also very low maintenance and easy to care for indoors or out. These beautiful plants make wonderful houseplants because they require little light and few special care requirements to thrive indoors.

About the Plant

The philodendron florida beauty variegated plant needs little maintenance, so it’s a great option for those who aren’t necessarily gardeners or aren’t looking for something difficult. It’s also hardy and can grow easily in many conditions. This evergreen vine does well in light shade and doesn’t need full sun or a lot of water, making it an excellent plant for use indoors and outdoors. The philodendron florida beauty variegated plant requires very little pruning once it grows. Once you get used to its growth patterns and plant it in an area with appropriate sunlight, watering and room for growth, you’ll be able to maintain its healthy appearance with very little work on your part after that.

The philodendron florida beauty variegated (Philodendron bipinnatifidum) originates from rainforests and subtropical regions. In Central America it grows as far north as Veracruz, Mexico and has also been spotted in Brazil and other South American countries. It was thought extinct in Costa Rica until 2004 when it was rediscovered growing in a remote mountain area of Pacuare. Given its name because of its native location, it became known by locals as el pulido or the polished one. This vine can grow up to three feet high on trees reaching 30 feet tall.

Care Requirements

This plant needs plenty of indirect light in order to thrive. It also needs a moderate amount of humidity. If you’re growing these indoors, keep them out of drafts and heating/cooling vents and water them only when their soil dries out. These plants require very little fertilizer or pruning and are actually quite hardy, so don’t worry too much about making mistakes. Be careful if you must move it, though; philodendrons tend to get stressed out easily when they’re moved from one place to another, especially if they aren’t used to lower levels of light than they’re accustomed too.

The philodendron Florida beauty variegated plant can grow up to 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The care requirements for growing a philodendron Florida beauty variegated plant are very minimal and easy. When you have a philodendron in your home you will want to put it in indirect sunlight but not directly under sun light. If there is not enough light it will grow very slowly, or stop growing altogether. You should also be careful not over water your philodenron; they do best when kept moist, but not wet at all times. They prefer moist soil, but if they get too much water their leaves can rot which can kill them so take caution when watering them.

Maintenance Needs

This particular plant can easily be kept with minimal attention. This philodendron needs a good light source, as it will thrive on full sunlight. Humidity is also a must, especially in winter months when temperature drops. Be sure not to water too much or too little, just enough to keep it alive! [To ensure its health] Once you purchase your plant do so when potting soil still has moisture in it.

Philodendron Domesticum Variegated

Shipping Florida Beauty Variegated

*plants will be shipped bare root with moss per phytosanitary certificate issuing & export regulations.

The plant you’re receiving is 100% as seen in photos

We are committed to packing in the best possible way to ensure you will receive your plant in excellent condition.
Please keep in mind that this is the live plant while it’s in transit (being mailed) the leaves may be a bit browning or dropping in common.

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1. All orders will be shipped with phytosanitary certificate included (it is required for customs clearance in each country). Phytosanitary certificate is free of charge to include for US buyers,

2. We pack your package with love and care with great efforts & insulation to avoid being damaged by cold weather and ensure the plants will be delivered to you in good shape & condition . If you have any special requests & instructions please contact us.

3. We try the best to deliver Florida Beauty Variegated plants to you in good condition. But in case the plants arrive you in bad condition or being damaged please take photos and inform us within 24 hours after arrival.

4. By purchasing the plant(s) buyer agrees to the terms & conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are philodendrons easy to grow? A. In general, they are quite hardy plants, but are not suitable for beginners. However, if you choose a smaller plant with a lower light requirement and place it in moderate indirect light (rather than deep shade), you should be able to find success with it. For example, Pothos, another common houseplant (and one of my favorites), will do well in these conditions. Q. What kind of soil should I use? How much sunlight does it need? A . The amount of sunlight a philodendron needs depends on its variety—some can tolerate low-light situations while others require strong light.

Philodendron domesticum variegated


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